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NuJoint and NuVet Plus Cat and Dog Vitamins

As long as your cat and dog aren't sick, everything's OK, right? After all, a vitamin is a vitamin, and pet food is already supplemented with vitamins and minerals. What more could your pet possibly need?

Read the ingredients of what your cat or dog eats and you'll see it's lots of meat by-products (whatever those are!) and indigestible fillers (like grain meals), plus preservatives and supplements, supplements, supplements. Does your pet really need more of a good thing? Besides, is there really a supplement on the market that will make a noticeable difference? Aren't all vitamins and minerals the same? Why spend money on something your pet is already getting? Why even bother?

The same is true with what you eat but you still take vitamins, don't you? You don't take chances with your health! If you enjoy a varied diet rich in fresh wholesome foods, you're probably getting many of the basic nutrients you need, and supplements are cheap insurance. What do your pets eat? How fresh is canned cat food or dry dog chow? How much variety is in their diet compared to yours? A peanut butter sandwich is actually pretty nutritious, but how would you feel if you had nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and water for a week straight? For a month? What if you ate nothing but peanut butter and water for the rest of your life? That's comparable to the typical pet diet! Pretty grim…

It's difficult providing the variety and quality of foods your pets need. As you may suspect, their diet probably is lacking certain vital nutrients, and the supplements provided in most pet foods are of inferior quality. NuVet Plus™ for dogs and cats, and NuJoint Plus™ for dogs are each made from the highest quality human-grade ingredients, utilizing the most recent advances in veterinary medical and nutritional science. NuVet Plus™ contains a variety of natural vitamins and chelated minerals, digestive enzymes and beneficial herbs. For older dogs in addition to NuVet Plus™ you should provide NuJoint Plus™ for its natural anti-inflammatory hip and joint therapy, formulated with the finest human pharmaceutical grade ingredients including Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM (methy sulfonyl methane) and Vitamin C. Each of these products are unique. Remember, canine NuJoint Plus™ should be combined with the canine NuVet Plus™ and for the most beneficial results GUARANTEED by the manufacturer!

Click here to read detailed information about NuVet's™ ingredients Click here to read detailed information about NuJoint's™ ingredients

Pets love the taste of NuVet™ and NuJoint Plus™. The canine NuVet Plus™ is available as either a powder or crunchy wafers you provide daily as a treat. The NuVet Plus™ feline formula is a powder you may sprinkle on either dry or moist food. Give any of the NuVet™ products a try and observe the results - you may note changes in coat texture, alertness, and playfulness in as little as two or three days! NuVet's™ fatty acids will quickly improve skin problems including dull coat and matting, and even 'hot spots'. Many dogs with arthritic joints will enjoy improved mobility in just a couple of weeks with NuJoint Plus™. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any NuVet™ product, return it to the manufacturer for a full purchase price refund. NuVet Plus™ and NuJoint Plus™ are simply astonishing - NuVet™ really is the StuffWeUse!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER NuVet PLUS™ or NuJoint Plus™ from the "NuVet e-Store". The veterinarians who developed these products didn't cut any corners, so they're not cheap, but they're worth every penny, and the manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction! The NuVet™ AutoShip option offers the convenience of regular ordering of fresh products, and an immediate 10% to 15% discount!

Don't take our word for it - see for yourself. With the NuVet™ money back guarantee you have nothing at all to lose, and your family pet will have a lot to gain!

Purrs and leg-rubs from our healthy cats to your pets,

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