Pest-A-Cators Are Valuable Tools In Your
Environmentally Safe and Non-Lethal
Cockroach and Rodent Control Program!

  • Goes to work immediately - Plug it in and forget it!
  • Repels Mice, Rats, and Cockroaches
  • NO dead animals to handle or dispose of
  • NO dead animal stench from inside your walls
  • NO toxic chemicals
  • SAFE for Children, Pets* and Livestock
  • SAFE for Computers, TVs, and Electronic Devices
  • Can be used in apartments and vacation homes
  • Operates 24/7 for about a penny a day
  • 110 v. and UL Listed
  • Made in USA!
* not for use if you have pet rodents or insects including mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, or tarantulas
PestACator 2000 rodent and cockroach control

Pest-A-Cator 2000®

PestACator 2000 Plus rodent and cockroach control
PestACator 2000 Plus rodent and cockroach control

Pest-A-Cator Plus 2000®

Will a Pest-A-Cator end your pest problems? Perhaps not, if there's any way for pests to just walk in again. We're sorry, but the Pest-A-Cator's electromagnetic pulse technology is not magical! However, if you've made a good start against vermin and want to establish an invisible 'NO BUG' and 'NO RODENT" zone in your home or workplace, then Pest-A-Cators will certainly help.

Our experience using Pest-A-Cators was so convincing we now offer them as the genuine StuffWeUse! You will also be amazed - WE GUARANTEE IT!

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Our experience with Pest-A-Cators at has been absolutely astonishing!

StuffWeUse is a home business, in the mountains about ninety minutes north-west of Denver. Here at 6,800' we've never had a problem with bugs or rodents of any kind. Or at least we didn't until 2003, when it started raining again after a prolonged drought. We were overrun by field mice! Mice were getting into our garage, crawlspace, and most disturbing of all mice were scurrying about in our ceilings and walls. The mice even figured out how to get into our cars! We set mouse traps, but only caught a few. We reluctantly started putting out poison bait. We say 'reluctantly' because the last thing anyone wants is the stench of dead mice oozing through their walls. If you have a mouse problem, you know exactly what we mean! Our mouse problem was so serious we were buying five and six packages of 'mouse treat' poison bait every couple of weeks at $5.95 per pack! The mice were eating the stuff like candy, and if we didn't put out enough 'treats' it was no big deal - the mice had discovered where we stored the extra bait and would simply nibble through the unopened cardboard packages for more! We hate to think of how many mice we must have killed. Mice might be incredibly stupid, but we were out-numbered and losing the battle...

About six months into our siege, while flying the friendly skies of you-know-who, we were thumbing through the airline gift catalog and saw a Pest-A-Cator advertisement. To tell you the truth, we thought it was completely unbelievable. An electronic device you simply plug in and forget, that turns your house wiring into an anti-vermin loudspeaker? Yeah, right - whatever. If ordered from that catalog it was nearly fifty bucks with shipping. We found it hard to believe that anyone would part with that sort of money for a 'too good to be true' gizmo like the Pest-A-Cator! But, we were curious enough to bring the catalog home. In other words, if we're desperate we can be suckers too!

We investigated the Pest-A-Cator and discovered that not all Pest-A-Cators are created equal. There are four different Pest-A-Cator models: large and small output 'Regular' models, and large and small output dual-technology 'Plus' models. Both smaller output '1000' models are for homes of up to 1000 square feet (per floor), and the '2000' models protect up to 2000 square feet per floor in homes and businesses. At a minimum, each level will need its own unit. The 'Plus' of the Plus models is an additional conventional ultrasonic emitter to repel rodents and cockroaches from large open areas. Since our mice were not getting into the living areas of our 2-story home, and since ultrasonic waves can't penetrate walls, we bought two Pest-A-Cator '2000' non-Plus models. To be honest, when we ordered our Pest-A-Cators we were convinced we would be mailing them back for a refund within a week.

For over half a year we had been 'entertained' by the scratching and scampering of an extended mouse family with lots of aunts and uncles and cousins living inside our kitchen wall. These particular mice were a great concern to us since mice can potentially nibble the insulation off electrical wiring and start a house fire! Following the Pest-A-Cator manufacturer's suggestion, we ordered two units - one for upstairs and one for downstairs. We plugged them in, and with smug satisfaction noticed no immediate evidence of freaked-out mice scrambling for the great outdoors while covering their little mousie ears. "Ah hah! It doesn't work after all! Just as we suspected," we thought, "Oh well, we'll give the Pest-A-Cators another few days, then we'll be out a few bucks to return them for a refund. No big deal."

The next day there was no mouse noise coming from the wall. None at all. Hmmmm... The next few days were the same - nothing at all. The mice were gone! After a couple of weeks we heard a solitary scratching in the place where we'd heard constant activity for months. An hour later there was nothing, and for the next few weeks there was nothing. Then again we heard a mouse for about an hour one day, and then nothing. All summer it was like that. The mice were as good as gone, and we knew the Pest-A-Cator was something we wanted to offer on StuffWeUse, so we ordered a bunch of 'em!

And then there were none!

Until we could discover and plug the openings where they were getting in, we expected mice would occasionally check out the abandoned old nest in the wall forever, as mice will naturally leave a house and forage for food outdoors when the weather gets warm. By mid summer the mouse activity in our wall dropped to zero. It stayed at absolute zero all summer. When it starts to snow in the late fall mice will return to their warm nests in the house, but with Pest-A-Cators filling our walls with their electromagnetic ultrasonic pulses, we have not had a problem. It is mid-winter as I am writing this, and there's 18" of snow on the ground (we're at 6,800' near Rocky Mountain National Park). The mice have settled in somewhere, but not in our house!

Summer 2006 Update

It's been three years since we installed the two Pest-A-Cators in our home. In all that time there have only been four times we've ever heard a mouse in the wall or ceiling where they used to be a continuous nusiance. We'll hear a mouse scratching around for about five minutes, and then it's gone - The Pest-A-Cator makes it too noisy in our walls for them now! BTW, we never have figured out where they were getting into our walls, but it's not a big deal anymore.    :-D

Why do we love the Pest-A-Cator?

  1. Pest-A-Cators really and truly are the StuffWeUse. We use them in our home.
  2. Pest-A-Cators exceeded our expectations.
  3. Pest-A-Cators are made in the USA.

What's the difference between the 2 Pest-A-Cator types we sell?

The Pest-A-Cator is great, and we sell only the more powerful '2000' and '2000 Plus' models. Frankly, their less-powerful '1000' models are not that much less expensive, so we don't offer them. Either the Pest-A-Cator 2000 or the Pest-A-Cator Plus 2000 can rid up to one floor of your home or business (up to 2000 square feet) of mice, rats, and cockroaches. If you have more than one story, or more than 2000 square feet per level, then you should order more than one Pest-A-Cator. To keep our prices ridiculously low, we are offering both of the Pest-A-Cator models in plain vanilla, low-waste 'contractor's' packaging. There's no fancy blister pack or fancy advertising - just genuine Pest-A-Cators in small cardboard boxes for thirty and thirty-six bucks! Pretty neat, huh?

How Pest-A-Cator works

OK, so how do Pest-A-Cators actually work? Both the Pest-A-Cator '2000' and '2000 Plus' models utilize the state of the art patented Pest-A-Cator electro-magnetic pest repelling circuit technology. The 'Plus' of the Pest-A-Cator 'Plus 2000' is a powerful but inaudible, ultrasonic emitter similar to what 'other' electronic pest repellers use. However, ONLY Pest-A-Cators also include the patented Pest-A-Cator electromagnetic pulse technology to make your home a 'No Cockroach Allowed' and 'Buzz Off Mouse' Zone! By creating a noise that humans, dogs, and cats can not hear, Pest-A-Cators repel mice, rats, and cockroaches by transmitting their electronic signals down the wires already in your walls and floors. Careful placement of Pest-A-Cators in your home is important for best coverage and results, but the 'average home' would probably be over-doing it with more than a few Pest-A-Cators. You'll need a minimum of one for each level of up to 2000 square feet. And don't forget to order Pest-A-Cators for your garage, basement or crawlspace, attic, and out-buildings too. Pest-A-Cators simply plug into an electrical outlet (the unit must be plugged right-side-up!) and are completely silent while operating. As with any pest repelling device, you will have best results if you can seal any openings from the outside where pests can enter. But even if this is not possible, the Pest-A-Cator will make new visitors quite uncomfortable and their stay will be short. The manufacturer does not claim that Pest-A-Cators will rouse the bats from your bellfry, but they do report that people have reported success by plugging a Pest-A-Cator in the end of a heavy-duty extension cord encircling the area bats frequent in the rafters. The electromagnetic pulse will travel anywhere you drape the extension cord! You know the crackly buzz you can sometimes hear under high tension electrical wires? That's the sound of 60 cycle electricity! Rodents and cockroaches are sensitive to different frequencies of electricity, and the Pest-A-Cator's patented circuit sends harmless electromagnetic pulses at these other frequencies down the 'neutral' wire from whatever outlet you plug it into. You do NOT need a 'grounded' outlet - the Pest-A-Cator can be used in a two-prong outlet. For best results plug each Pest-A-Cator into an outlet at the far end of a circuit - typically whichever outlet is farthest from your circuit panel. Ideally placed, you can expect each Pest-A-Cator '2000' or '2000 Plus' to provide a 'NO PESTS ALLOWED' zone of up to 2000 square feet on one floor. Multi-level structures will require one Pest-A-Cator per level for effective pest control.

How to install

Pest-A-Cators generate electromagnetic pulses that radiate from the wires already installed in your walls and ceilings. The Pest-A-Cator's effectiveness depends upon which outlet you plug it in, and where your wires run from that outlet. Expect the 'longest' but most diffuse results if the Pest-A-Cator is plugged into an outlet at the 'end of the line' of your longest circuit. More intense effects are possible if the Pest-A-Cator protected circuit sweeps a region's perimeter. To intensify the effect, an additional Pest-A-Cator can be added to a 'problem' room that branches from a Pest-A-Cator protected circuit. To protect areas served by other circuits, order Pest-A-Cators for those areas now. Pest-A-Cator's effect can protect up to 2000 square feet in ideal situations. Your results may be considerably less, and depends upon your wiring, and where you install units.

Frequently Asked Questions

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