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How Can I Save $$$ With NuVet's AutoShip Plan?

NuJoint Plus Osteoarthritis Remeedy for Dods

NuVet's AutoShip program provides the convenience of delivery to your door on a regular basis without having to remember to call and place an order. You select the products you need and the frequency of shipping, and we do the rest.

Super Savings!
Save 15% on NuVet Plus and 10% on NuJoint Plus by going on AutoShip, and always be assured of the freshest supplements for your pets!

How To Order AutoShip Items
AutoShip items will have the option to select “Add to Cart” or “Add to AutoShip”. Here's how to sign up:

  1. Click on "Add to Autoship"
  2. Continue Shopping for more Autoship Items or Click on "Checkout"
  3. Choose how often you would like to receive the product
  4. Complete Payment and thats it!

Change My Order
To change the delivery date, quantity ordered, or any other aspect of your AutoShip order, call the NuVet Customer Service Department (contact info at the bottom of this page). Do not call StuffWeUse to change your order! Contact NuVet directly.

Cancel My Order
Your AutoShip order will stay in effect until you call the NuVet Customer Service Department to cancel. Please note that once an order has shipped, it is considered the property of the customer. If you want to cancel, please remember to do so before your next AutoShip order is processed. Do not call StuffWeUse to cancel your order! Contact NuVet directly.

Your credit card is charged each time your AutoShip order is processed. This is determined by the delivery schedule you select when you create your original AutoShip order.

To ensure your order is shipped in the most efficient manner, NuVet Labs uses USPS or UPS Standard Ground Shipping. We take into account the weight of the packages and their destination when selecting the best carrier to use.

Return Policy
If you are not satisfied with our product, you may return it to NuVet at the address below for a credit. Do not return items to StuffWeUse! Contact NuVet directly. To receive a credit, you must first contact our Customer Service Department for a return authorization number. Returns must be made within 60 days of the purchase date.

NuVet Customer Service Department
Always mention your 'Order Code #91348'
Phone: 1-800-474-7044
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST
Address: NuVet Labs, 5304 Derry Ave. #R, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

CLICK HERE TO ORDER NuVet PLUS™ or NuJoint Plus™ from the "NuVet e-Store". The veterinarians who developed these products didn't cut any corners, so they're not cheap, but they're worth every penny, and the manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction!


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