We never thought it would come to this, but the Galkie Deluxe Toys are history :-((
John Galkiewicz quit making them in 2006. Bummer.
You will find there are no buttons to click to order. Please don't ask if we, "still have one." We don't. We're sorry.

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Galky Kitty Tease Cat Toy

The Galkie Kitty Tease Deluxe
Cat Toy is our cat's paws-down favorite!

Recommended by Author and Veterinarian
Dr. Marty Becker

America's Best-Loved Family Doctor for Pets!
36 inch long, high quality, 2-piece fiberglass
fishing rod cat toy

Casting for cats!

Baited with a swatch of denim, you'll be reeling 'em in! Voted the "BEST CAT TOY IN THE LAST 30 YEARS" by CAT FANCY magazine. The Galkie is the only cat toy with a manufacturer's full year warranty. Our cats are still playing with their 10 year old Kitty Tease Toy - it's that durable!

Galky Kitty Tease Cat Toy Our cats go BONKERS over their Galkie Kitty Tease Cat Toy! The Galkie is perfect for getting a lot of cats to play together :-) Just be sure they have a lot of open space to 'perform' for you. Drag it across the floor to simulate a mouse, or flick it in the air and watch your cat catch the 'bird'. The Kitty Tease Deluxe is the perfect exercise toy to get your 'speed bump' into gear!
Galkie Kitty Tease Cat Toy Nothing could be simpler.
Galkie Kitty Tease Cat Toy Or more hilarious!

Here's what our customers have to say about the Galkie Kitty Tease Deluxe:

"I found the cat teaser at exactly the same time I was trying to finish something intricate (the cats were helping). When I opened the box and saw the teaser, I no longer had to worry about all of my little assistants helping me to untangle Christmas lights. This gift came straight from a fluffy white cloud! Thank you!"
MK in Denver, CO

"Kitty toy was a MAJOR hit - they stare at the closet when I put it away! I could use two more - great gifts!"
BB in Bellevue, NE

And, a recipient of BB's gift writes:
"Thought I should tell you I ended the evening fishing for an hour with the cats. That's the best toy I've seen........thanks!"
GH in Bellevue, NE

"Thank you for this wonderful toy! All my cats, through the years, have thoroughly enjoyed many hours of jumping and running after this little piece of denim. They certainly have gotten their exercise - and never seem to tire of this wonderful invention!"
JB in Houston TX

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