Gonzo Pet hair Lifter

The $6 Gonzo® Pet Hair Lifter Sponge

YOUR SECRET WEAPON IN THE PET HAIR WAR! This is the most effective, easiest to use, and least expensive product in the world for removing pet hair from clothing, upholstery and automobile interiors. Our customers praise the Gonzo for removing dog hair, cat hair, horse hair, and even lion hair from all types of fabrics, lamp shades, walls, beds, computer monitor screens, and car interiors. The Gonzo is a unique slightly gummy rubber sponge that rips pet hair from any surface and rolls it into a little piece of yarn that's easily plucked off the sponge and thrown away. Use the Gonzo over and over! When the sponge becomes soiled, wash it with soap and water, air dry, and it's as good as new. There's no adhesive that's used up, so it lasts indefinitely.

THE GONZO PASSES MUSTER! It is especially popular with anyone in uniform! We frequently send them to AP and APO addresses. The StuffWeUse is the Stuff our military and police use - You should use it too!


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