The Cat Dancer is an inexpensive, remarkably simple, and completely irresistible cat toy. The Cat Dancer is a length of springy wire (no sharp ends!) with small 'twigs' of twisted cardboard to swat on the end. At the slightest touch a Cat Dancer twists and twitches erratically, driving your cats CRAZY! The Cat Dancer is the perfect toy to keep by your couch or easy chair, and is so light-weight (under one ounce) it's safe for kittens and older cats too. The sound of your Cat Dancer gently tapping a wall or table leg summons cats as effectively as a can opener!
If the Cat Dancer is left on the floor, a home-alone kitty will entertain themselves for hours. They can eventually destroy the cardboard twists, but the Cat Dancer lasts for months even with our six cats. And, at less than $4 each they're practically disposable!
Order Cat Dancers for only $3.80 each, and StuffWeUse will ship them to you by First Class Mail for FREE!
Aaaah! "FREE" is my favorite price!

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